How to Shrink a Cystic Pimple?

There’s an important event for you to attend and you want to have the best look on you, don’t you? As you look into the mirror, and *screams*!

You have a protruding cystic pimple that has come out to spoil your best look for the best work on your best day. And now, it is throwing absolute tantrums!

And you being an immediate search for how to shrink a cystic pimple on the net!

Well, the situation wouldn’t be in your control, would it then? Nope. We know how frustrating a cyst can be. These cyst breakouts in the under levels of the skin cause every sort of irritating tendencies because of their painful bumps. The worst part, they tend to stay for days, weeks, and even months!

How to shrink a cystic pimpleYou can’t simply pop them up, as when squeezed they tend to worsen a lot. If you think of trying some zit creams, nope, they are not going to work. Instead, they may lead to a flaky skin with the bumps still right within. It will be a scene of 0% improvement. Negative, in the worst cases. So, then how to reduce them, or in medicinal terms, how to shrink a cystic pimple?

Before we get to the practices that can act as remedies, let’s begin from the very start, i.e. the types of cysts that tend to occur.

Type of cysts

So, the cysts are of three types, namely:

  • Cystic acne – a nodular type of cyst which is inflamed. This is usually caused by general skin bacteria.
  • Blind pimple – these are the under-skin bumps without those whiteheads or pustules.
  • Sebaceous cysts – these are sort of associated (may or may not be as they usually develop without any sort of clear expansion) with acne. These are also termed “epidermal cysts”.

Identifying cysts

Cysts usually tend to appear as boils on the skin. However, there are certain other identification marks of these “events-canceling” skin spoilers like:

  • Large-sized and pus-filled cysts
  • Large-sized white bumps
  • Redness
  • Tender & pain-causing to the touch

Although very much noticeable on a person’s face, cysts may also develop over the neck, chest, arms & even back regions. Why they may even develop behind the ears and at the back of your shoulders!

So, as you may guess of how uncomfortable these skin spoilers are how irritative they become as they How to shrink a cystic pimpleaffect the natural skin!

Time for the healing part – the part which answers our primary requirement – how to shrink a cystic pimple?

Getting rid of cysts

Listed below are some methods that can help you shrink out cysts, and fear not as these are recommended by professional cares.

  1. Wearing hydrocolloid bandages

A hydrocolloid bandage is sort of a pimple patch that tends to absorb all of the white gunk underneath the pimple. This method very much helps in reducing the big zits from appearing onto our faces.

What this bandage exactly does is that it absorbs pus and oil from the spot on the skin that is inflamed and, in turn, it maintains moisture over the region and hence helping in a faster pace of healing.

This method is sort of a “no-fuss” treatment, and another benefit from these bandages is that they can be worn for up to 24-48 hours. Just make sure that you don’t apply any acne treatments directly underneath the bandages. This may lead to an irritative sensation.

  1. Cold compressing with Green Tea

This might seem like a DIY (do it yourself) sort of treatment, but it still works. A cool bag of green tea is all you need and your results arrive overnight. Freezeout the bag with the green tea in say a bowl or a cup of water. Then begin pressing the chilled green tea bag against your pimple until the skin begins to feel numb.

What exactly happens is that when the bag is applied on the skin, the caffeine inside causes the constriction of blood vessels which further help in restricting and in reducing the swellings.

So, that was our DIY approach for our requirement of how to shrink a cystic pimple?

  1. Applying diluted tea tree oil

One other method in our healing practices is by applying diluted tea tree oil. So, the mix is pretty simple to be made to get our required dilution. The mix ratio is 1:3 i.e. take 1 part of tea tree oil and dilute it with 3 parts of castor oil, or sunflower oil, etc.

A 100% pure tea tree oil is not recommended because it tends to cause irritative sensations.

  1. Injecting cortisone (only after consulting a dermatologist)

This is one of those quick ways of shrinking down cysts. If you are ranting over your cystic pimple and want it to be gone fast, this method might help. So, you can consult a dermatologist or a healthcare professional for an injection of a dilute cortisone medication called “Kenalog”. The medication is directly injected onto the cyst thereby resulting in the shrinking of the cyst ASAP.

  1. Prescribed skincare

Sometimes it is better to look up for a good defense and that is when prescribed skincare comes into the picture. Customized prescription skin cares tends to be twice as effective.

Starting from treating to preventing the cyst breakouts, this method takes you on a skincare journey throughout.

  1. Using Advil

Although not better than the aforementioned methods, this method helps in decreasing the swelling and the tenderness of the cyst region. Being a non-steroidal inflammatory drug (NSAIDs), it can be directly taken by mouth.

But as a precaution, it’s better to consult for such uses.

So, that pretty much sums up some of the “getting riddance” methods of our requirement of how to shrink a cystic pimple. Yes, it’s true that it is irritative and not even one bit pleasant, but give time its respect and do your practices alongside.

Time is the best healer!


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