How to Sterilize Nail Clippers?

How to sterilize nail clippers? Sterilizing your nails  is an important part of your hygiene. With prolonged use, fungi and bacterial particles can get lodged into the crevices in the nail clipper. They may get transferred to your hand and toenails causing infections/allergies. Therefore, it is a good practice to sterilize your nail clippers regularly. If you can sterilize your nail clipper before each use, it would be healthy. 

How to Sterilize Nail Clippers?

sterilize nail clippers
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There are many ways to keep your nail clippers clean. Let us discuss the methods one by one.

  • Using a disinfectant

The easiest method is to clean using a disinfectant. Disinfectants are available either in concentrated or dilute form. If you do not have access to a disinfectant, you may use a 70% – 90% solution of isopropyl alcohol. If you have it in concentrated form, dilute it first. Look for the instructions on the package for guidance on the dilution process. Dilute it with distilled water for best results. Pour the liquid in a container (made of glass). Disinfectants may be too strong for plastic. Submerge the nail clipper in the container with a disinfectant solution. Wait for 30 minutes to an hour, take the nail clipper out and clean it using a dry cloth. Dry it in sunlight before use. 

  • Manually cleaning the nail clipper

The dirt easily accumulates in the crevices of the nail clipper. Some of the dirt build-ups may sometimes remain even after cleaning with disinfectant. You use a toothpick to manually remove the dirt that has accumulated in the ridges and contours. To remove the stubborn build-up, a pair of tweezers or a paperclip may help. Again, clean the nail clipper with a piece of cloth.

  • Using a brush

After soaking the nail clipper in a disinfectant, cleaning it with a bristle brush is also an effective way toHow to Sterilize Nail Clippers get rid of the dirt. Rub the brush in different directions and from various angles to ensure that all parts are cleaned. A small toothbrush may also help. The sharper the bristles, the better. Once you are sure that you have got all the nooks, wipe the nail clipper with a piece of clean cloth. 

  • Antibacterial soap

After using a disinfectant, you may also use a teaspoon of antibacterial soap and a sharp brush to scrub the dirt out of the nail clipper. Also, while drying the nail clipper be sure to place a clean tower over it so that it does not get contaminated while exposed to the air.

Storing your nail clippers safely

Apart from sterilizing your nail clippers, it is important to store them well too. Otherwise, they are prone to contamination. To keep them sterile, wrap them in clean paper towels and store them in a clean spacious bag. Dark places or tightly packed drawers will again encourage the growth of fungi and bacteria. Therefore, store them in a dry and spacious area. For those of you who were wondering how to sterilize nail clippers, we hope this article was helpful. 


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