Best Eyelash Glue

To put in the simplest of terms, eyelash glue is basically the adhesive that is used to stick the false eyelashes to your eyes.

Given below is a detailed look into some of features to consider as well as details of 5 of the best eyelash glue currently being sold in the market.

Factors to consider when looking to buy the best eyelash glue

  • Whether the glue is transparent or black in colour – It is usually preferred that one opts for the transparent one to make it blend in a little better with any lash colour, but if you’d like, you could also always opt for the black glue because it usually goes better with your make-up.
  • What is the base of the glue – Remember to check whether your glue is – semi-permanent or latex based. The semi-permanent one is usually considered the best as, if it’s applied properly, it can even last upto a week! Also, it blends in really well with your natural lashes. In order to remove it, all you need is a simple and basic make-up remover. Latex-based adhesives aren’t that great since it will be coming in contact with your skin, because it strips the false eyelashes directly above your natural lashes. It manages to hold up for a day, and like sem-permanent adhesives, this too can be removed using a regular make-up remover.
  • The brand/company – Although this isn’t consider that important, it is always suggested that you opt for a well known and well-established brand, because it is afterall going to come in contact with your skin, and to an extend with your eye. We wouldn’t want to damage the skin or eyes just for a little style and oomph – would we?

5 of the best eyelash glue

1) KISS Strip Eyelash Adhesive

The KISS Stripe Eyelash adhesive is clear, as its name suggests and is known to have a very strong hold. It is one of the better rated eyelash glues on Amazon, giving it reason enough to feature in our list.
Features specific to this eyelash glue are given below –

  • It is waterproof
  • It is free from odour and latex
  • It has a brush attached making it a no mess applicator
  • It is contact lens friendly

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2) Davocy Eyelash Glue

This eyelash glue from the house of Davocy is one of the most preferred brands used by professionals, showing just how good and worthwhile it is.

Davocy Eyelash Glue

Features specific to this eyelash glue are given below –

  • It is free from latex, odor and formal-dehyde
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Its effects last for a whole day
  • Works instantly and is transparent
  • Hypoallergenic to sensetive eyes

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3) LASH LABS Eyelash Glue

This Lash Labs eyelash glue is not only for professionals but is also made by professionals, assuring you of the products ability to do its work really well!

Lash Lab Eyelash Glue

Features specific to this eyelash glue are given below –

  • It is extremely gentle and lasts for a long time (upto 7-8 weeks)
  • Dries up instantly giving a natural look
  • Works well with sensitive skin and sensitive eyes
  • Free from – fragrance, formal-dehyde, sulfate, gluten, BPA, mineral oils, paraben and latex
  • Medical grade eyelash glue – they’ve been tested so are safe to use

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4) JIMIRE Clear Eyelash Glue

This JIMIRE clear eyelash glue is known for its high viscosity and is made using a secure formula – making it safe for use for all.

JIMIRE Eyelash Glue

Features specific to this eyelash glue are given below –

  • It is made using an upgraded formula using chamomile which works really well with sensitive skin
  • The colour of the glue is white but it dries instantly and turns transparent, blending in with the skin easily
  • It is hypoallergenic – making it suitable to sensitive skin and eyes
  • It has a pleasant and soothing fragrance to it
  • Free from latex and formal-dehyde
  • It is waterproof and extremely easy to use and store

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5) Cardani Eyebrow Adhesive

Our last suggestion is this eyelash glue from the house of Cardani. There are five different packs and options to choose from, so there’s something for everyone!

SecurSecure Gold Eyelash Eyebrow Adhesive

Features specific to this eyelash glue are given below –

  • It is free from latex and good on the skin
  • It is free from – gluten, BPA, sulphate and formaldehyde and is vegan
  • It is extremely long lasting
  • It clear dries becoming transparent within seconds
  • It is ideal for sensitive eyes and skin

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All the eyelash adhesives which have been given above are some of the best eyelash glue that are currently sold in the market, thanks to thei unique features. You can choose either, and they’ll all do the work equally well.

We hope, this guide will provide you with all the necessary help to make an informed choice.

So, fret no and get dressing!


  • What is the use of eyelash glue?

Ans. Eyelash glue is used to stick false eyelashes to your eyes to give them an enhanced, emphasised and extended look.

  • What are the best eyelash glue brands?

Ans. Some of the best eyelash glue brands are – JIMIRE, KISS, Davocy, Lash Labs and Cardani – all of whose products have been mentioned above as well.

  • What are the best eyelash glue for sensitive eyes?

Ans. A few of the best eyelash glue suitable to sensitive skin are – Cardani eyebrow adhesive, JIMIRE clear eyelash glue and Lash Labs eyelash glue.

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