Can You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

Few things are inevitable when one is pregnant such as swollen ankles, itchy belly and stretch marks, etc. But one thing that you can manage on your own is the color of your hair or grays. The most common question that has been asked is can you dye your hair while pregnant? 

Well, you can absolutely use hair dye during pregnancy and it would be even better if the user takes extra care and precautions while dying the hair. The chemicals used in hair dyes are either permanent or semi-permanent and are not highly toxic.

Most of the researches done on hair dyes revealed that they are safe and can be used for hair dying while pregnant. The amount of chemicals the woman is exposed to while coloring the hair is very low when compared to a massive dosage that ensures zero to the women and her baby.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes that are important for the development of babies. A person gains weight and also gets food cravings randomly that also result in weight gain. this did not feel good to some and they want to have control over a few things such as changing hair color or trying new skin cares and beauty products. For example, a fresh new hair dye can help in brightening up the mood. But many of them are afraid and keep on asking questions such as can you dye your hair while pregnant?

Most of them are mainly worried about the baby and exposure to toxins that are present in the chemicals of hair dyes. These concerns are valid but you can rest assured as the chemicals used in hair dyes do not consist of much toxicity. While using dies small amounts of the hair dye get in contact with your forehead or scalp or skin and a very lesser amount of the chemical is actually absorbed by the skin. this amount of absorbed chemical is so small that it is unlikely to cause any harm or even effect on the baby’s developing body.

Tips And Tricks For Dyeing Hair During Pregnancy - Can you Dye your hair while pregnant

Pregnancy also affects the normal condition of hair which might be a good thing at times. Sometimes the hair appears to be thicker and more glossy and the hair usually falls out less. This happens because of the baby growing hormones that are the main reason why your hair seems thicker and these changes probably mean that dyes won’t necessarily affect your hair. So dying hair while pregnant minute gives the exact results you got before pregnancy but it also does not let the tide affect your hair in a negative tone. The answer to “can you dye your hair while pregnant” is yes. However, you have to take some precautions.

Tips And Tricks For Dyeing Hair During Pregnancy

Before dying hair while pregnant you can take certain precautions and tips from your stylist to ensure that the hair color does not affect the baby to be and protects your scan and hair from the toxicity of chemicals. Here are a few of the tips and tricks that you can follow while dyeing your hair during pregnancy ensuring protection for your baby to be.

  • Wait Until Your Second Trimester

Can you dye your hair while pregnant? There is very minimal research conducted on this subject but according to many experts, the mothers can wait until the second trimester before getting their hair dyed. You might be ready to get your hair dyed after about a month of the pregnancy when the pregnancy hormones are at the peak of racing through your body. This hormone helps in hair growth and you can see fastening of the hair growth during this period and they also have a different texture as well as color as compared to what they used to be.

The initial 12 weeks of pregnancy is the time when major development of the babies takes place such as the organs taking shape, balls asking with hair follicles start to develop and the muscles, as well as vocal cord, start to form. The chemicals in the hair dye do not consist of any hard evidence of chemicals that are harmful to the baby.

  • Choose The Safest Services Available

You can go to the salon and get services that include single process color that includes root touch-ups and also color change from root to tip. In this process, the dye is applied to the scalp and hair, and most of the time these chemicals get soaked bi reports of the skin in a minimal amount that might enter the bloodstream but is not harmful.

There is a more safe hair color alternative that includes printing directly on the hair shops such as highlights, frosting, streaking, lowlights, etc. This technique of hair coloring is safer and does not get absorbed by the skin as they are applied to the hair only. Another less used method that is equally safe while coloring your hair is pulling the head to a cab and applying color to it. This cap covers the scalp area preventing the color from getting absorbed by the scalp or skin pores. Hence, here is the answer to your question – can you dye your hair while pregnant? 

  • Try To Use Gentle Colors


Another important thing that one should keep in mind is the type of coloring they are using. It is better to ask your stylist to put gentler options such as colors that have an ammonia-free base. If you like D I Y type of hair colors then you can consider semi-permanent colors that do not contain ammonia. Another benefit of this semi-permanent color that does not contain peroxide i.e. bleach that helps in maintaining the natural luster of your hair.

Semi-permanent colors are more forgiving when compared to permanent dyes and usually fade away after a month or so. You can also use home alternatives such as vegetable and henna dyes that are very less toxic and can be used after checking whether to suit your hair or not. Some natural processes consist of chemical usage similar to that of the traditional counterparts it can be done easily at home. It is one of the most essential factor to consider while answering – can you dye your hair while pregnant? 

  • Use A Well-Ventilated Area And Keep It Covered

You should take extra safety precautions while coloring. According to experts if you are coloring your hair at a salon then you should see it in a well-ventilated area.

If the coloring session takes place at home then you can keep your windows open so that you can get rid of the toxic use and breathe in the fresh air that is important for the baby. While applying the product on your own hair you should wear gloves so that the chemicals do not get a chance to have direct contact with your hands and bloodstream.

It is better to avoid direct contact with dyes and absorption. You can also use a long-sleeved shirt white color with extra coverage of your body skin. Colouring tries to leave the dye for minimum time recommended and wash the scalp thoroughly after the coloring is done.

You should also try to follow the manufacturer’s direction properly while applying color as they guide the customer with safety measures and methods that can help you to dye your hair efficiently. Here is the answer to – can you dye your hair while pregnant? 

  • Test The Color By Applying It Over A Strand

As the body undergoes hormonal changes the dye can react differently during pregnancy, so you need to choose carefully that consists of different formulas. Before coloring the whole head starting from the root to tip you can test the color by applying it over a stand. Then you can rinse it off and see for the results and then apply it totally.

Can You Bleach Your Hair While Pregnant?

Another widely asked question is “can you bleach your hair while pregnant?”

Well, thanks bleaching is considered to be safe for expectant moms as most of the hair coloring products consist of dyes that are not toxic and marked safe for pregnant women. Many pregnant women like to follow the newest fashion trend of hair dyes to add a new look and feel refreshed with it.

Hair dyes don’t usually consist of highly toxic chemicals but do contain carcinogenic properties that are considered to be harmful up to some extent. As a responsible parent, you can try avoiding such hair dyes and get some good quality hair color from the pregnancy safe hair dye brands.

Can You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant

If you don’t want your hair to get damaged by dyeing then it is important to look for the best shampoos for bleached hair that helps in maintaining the hair color for a longer time period as compared to normal shampoos. Sometimes bleached hair is absolutely sensitive and needs to be given extra protection to prevent it from unwanted deterioration or damage. Using proper shampoos for bleached hair can affect greatly the way your hair feels and looks by increasing its quality and volume.

You need to have the best hair care products. The shampoos that are used for bleached hair are otherwise known as purple shampoos that can be used almost every week to create a protective layer for the hair and get rid of the brassiness that one feels after getting their hair dyed. Choosing the proper brand and shampoo is important if you have reached your hair as it helps in maintaining the hairstyle and preventing it from problems such as split ends, frizzy hair, or other damages that are caused due to the dyeing process.

You should look for high-quality shampoos that do not consist of chemical compounds that are prone to damage and harmful for pregnant women. It is an essential factor to consider while answering the question – can you dye your hair while pregnant? 

Along with shampoos for bleached hair, you also need to have the best conditioner for bleached hair that helps in maintaining the natural luster of your hair. Using conditioners oils and hair masks help you in protecting the hairstyle you made while coloring your hair.

There are conditioners for bleached hair that are formulated with natural products and avoid causing damage and suit different hair types and fit their requirements. It is important to go for hair that does not contain paraben and sulfate and should belong to a trusted brand. It is better to look for pregnancy-safe hair dye brands that provide you conditioners that help in reducing frizz by restoring the natural shine and volume of the hair.

One of the best hair dye for pregnancy that is considered to be safe for expectant moms is the Garnier Olia Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color.  You can find this hair dye over online websites. It is absolutely safe for the expectant moms and their babies as it doesn’t consist of toxic elements. Here is the answer to – can you dye your hair while pregnant? 

Garnier Olia Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color

Garnier Olia Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color - Can you Dye your hair while pregnant

The Garnier Olia Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color is the answer if you keep on asking the question “can you dye your hair while pregnant?”. This hair dye is absolutely safe as it is truly ammonia-free that makes it chemical-free. This permanent hair color is made out of flower royals that help in coloring the hair more effectively. It uses the oil Power technology that helps in preparing the color or mixture of colors when you mix 2 sets of colors. The hair color results after the application of this dye are pure, vivid, and long-lasting.

The Garnier Olia helps in restoring and improving the condition of the hair as it contains natural flower oils that help in reversing roughness and dullness. This hair color had some more brilliant look to the hair when compared with unwashed and uncolored hair. Without hair looks shinier, hydrated, and silkier as the dye provides it with conditioning effect and nourishment.

The grey coverage is a hundred percent and one can choose from the wide range of color options provided by Garnier Olia. One can choose the light natural auburn that creates an amazing blend of copper and gold tones and is considered ideal for people who have natural hair color of dark brown or dark blonde. The smell of this hair color is gentle and it prevents the sensation of burning while coloring. Hope you now got the answer of – can you dye your hair while pregnant? 

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