The Ultimate Showdown: Redken vs Paul Mitchell Hair Products

There are a lot of hair care brands to be compared. But the comparison of Redken vs Paul Mitchell is what everyone wants the most. These two brands are one of the best hair care brands people recommend the most. Be it any hair type, products of these brands help to make your hair look the best. It depends upon your choice to buy.

Even when you choose shampoos, there are various types of shampoos available for different hair types. For instance, if you have dry hair, you will need a shampoo that provides moisture to your hair, so you should go for moisturized shampoos. While for fine hair, you will not need any moisturizing shampoo. So, you need to know your hair type and accordingly buy the shampoo compatible with your hair type.

Likewise, if you have a dry hair type, moisturizer shampoos alone will not provide the correct treatment you need to use conditioners for such hair. These are some of the aspects of selecting shampoo or conditioner. There are other aspects for which Redken vs Paul Mitchell comparison is a must.

Redken vs Paul Mitchell: Overview



Redken got established in the year 1960, and it is a USA-based haircare brand. It is a part of the famous L’Oreal company. The founder of Redken is Jheri Redding, and the name of the company Redken derived from his name. Various types of hair care products got manufactured by Redken, such as shampoo. Redken is in New York City, and it has been the most reputed hair care brand for decades.

Besides shampoo, Redken also manufactures hair color, hair care, and other hair styling products. These products are popular among people. City Beats, Colour Fusion, Shades EQ, or Chromatics products are some of the best products, and these also help you change your hair color and gives a spectacular finish to your hair. The hair care products got made from some best quality materials.

The Redken shampoo got made using aqua, EAU, sulfate, sodium Laurate, coco-betaine, sodium chloride, fragrance, acetyl alcohol, salicylic acid, and cocamide. This shampoo helps in removing hair breakage and damaged hair. It also serves as a moisturizing effect and styles your hair.

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell is a California-based hair care brand located in Santa Clarita, California. Paul Mitchell is a part of John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS). It is famous for its various hair care products such as shampoo, Tea trees, etc.

The ingredients used in manufacturing the products of Paul Mitchell include aqua, sodium Laurate, sulphate, white ginger, panthenol, anthemis Nobilis flower extract, white ginger leaf extract, jojoba leaf extract, aloe Barbendenis leaf extract, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Benzyl alcohol, fragrance, and coumarin. These are some of the most popular ingredients.

Redken Vs Paul Mitchell Purple Shampoo

Below is the comparison of Redken vs Paul Mitchell Purple shampoo:

Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo is for protecting your hair from damage. It also prevents fading of hair. The purple pigment of the shampoo helps in cancelling the brassy tones of your hair. The critical acid content helps in cleansing and repairing the blonde-tinted hair strands.

 Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo helps in the preservation of blonde locks of your hair. It is a purple-tinted shampoo. It helps in softening the strands of your hair. It also helps in brightening your hair, whether your hair color is silver, blonde or white.

Redken Vs Paul Mitchell Hair Color

Besides all the comparisons, there is another comparison of Redken Vs Paul Mitchell Hair Color. It is also a very famous comparison. Paul Mitchell, being established in 1980, made quite a good impact among the hair color brands. People love this brand. Although, it is restricted to use the products of Paul Mitchell on animals. The hair color products of Paul Mitchell worked well for those people with sensitive scalps or hair, white hair or grey hair. The color products of Redken are gentle on hair. The results produced are very long-lasting. It assures that you will not have dry hair after using Redken hair color products.

Redken Vs Paul Mitchell Color Shampoo

The last comparison is of Redken Vs Paul Mitchell color shampoo. Both brands have good color shampoo products. But with little difference. The Redken color shampoo helps in purging, reinforcing, and sustaining the weak areas of your hair.  Paul Mitchell helps in purifying the scalp and adds a shine to your hair.


  • Is Redken better or Paul Mitchell?

Yes, Redken and Paul Mitchell both are better because of their better quality. You can choose anyone based on your needs.

  • Is Paul Mitchell’s purple shampoo good?

Yes, Paul Mitchell’s purple shampoo is good in softening the strands of your hair. It also provides shine to your hair.


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