The Ordinary vs Clinique – Best Skincare Brand 2023

Everyone wishes to buy good skincare products from trusted and effective brands. Nowadays, almost every skincare brand test their products on animals. However, The Ordinary vs Clinique are some of the most reliable skincare brands that are 100% cruelty-free and appropriate for vegans. 

Is Clinique better than the Ordinary?

The Ordinary vs Clinique

The Clinique is one of the most popular skincare and cosmetics brands in the world. They are prominent for providing a perfect 3-step skincare regimen. This regimen consists of 3 steps mainly cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating. They provide gentle skincare products that are light and smooth on the skin. They also focus on curing skin issues like inflammation, redness, stiff skin, pigmentation and hyperpigmentation, etc. 

The Ordinary is one of the most demanded skincare and cosmetics brands across the globe. They aim to provide the finest quality of skincare and cosmetic products at affordable prices. The Ordinary has mastered the art of producing skincare products and cosmetics that are suitable for all skin types. They provide some of the best serums, concealers, toners and face masks with the highest quality of ingredients that will make your skin soft and glowing. 

It must be noted that The Ordinary vs Clinique are cruelty-free skincare and cosmetics brands. It means that their products are not tested on animals. Their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

One of the most popular products Clinique and The Ordinary have in store for us are their award-winning lotions, moisturizers and serums. 

Speaking of moisturizers, the moisturizer offered by Clinique is created especially for combination skin. Some common skin combinations are oily-dry, dry-dry and oily skin combinations. The moisturiser nourishes and hydrates. It comprises fruit extracts that maintain the natural water content of the skin. It is light on the skin and gets absorbed in the skin in no time. It contains Hyaluronic acid. This acid helps in reducing the dryness of the skin and removes wrinkles and fine lines. 

The moisturizer offered by The Ordinary comprises Hyaluronic acid and Amino acids. These acids help in moisturising and hydrating the skin. It eliminates dry and rough skin. The moisturizer is lightweight and non-greasy which does not feel heavy or sticky on the skin. It is an oil-free moisturiser that provides long-lasting benefits. 

The top-notch serums provided by Clinique are all you need to remove every effect of ageing from your skin. It is an expert in providing a consistent skin colour, smooth skin feels and reduced fine lines and black marks. The Clinique serums are beneficial to exfoliate the skin and fight acne and acne marks. 

The leading serums from The Ordinary are lightweight and easily absorb in the skin. It is water-based and feels non-sticky on the skin. It moisturizes and hydrates the skin. It is a brilliant serum for fading ageing signs from the skin as it contains Vitamin B. Vitamin B is an expert component to produce fresh skin cells. Daily use provides soft, supple and moisturized skin

Therefore, it can be said that both The Ordinary vs Clinique, skincare products are equally good and beneficial for the skin. However, the price of Clinique products is more than The Ordinary. If you wish to buy products that are equally beneficial and affordable, The Ordinary is better than Clinique. 

The Ordinary vs Clinique Toner

Clinique toner vs The Ordinary

The Clinique toner helps in washing away pollution particles from the skin. It removes dirt, dust and grime from the skin that provides a fresh look to the face. The toners help in enhancing the benefits of the moisturizer. Using Clinique toners for oily skin allows a healthy skin glow and reduced oil production. 

They provide three different kinds of toners for dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin and oily skin. 

The toners provided by The Ordinary contain a primary ingredient named Glycolic acid. Due to this, the toners provide exfoliating properties. This will enhance the glow and radiance of your skin. With the constant application, the skin becomes soft, and the texture becomes smooth and uniform. It removes dead skin cells and pollution damages. It contains soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera and Tasmanian pepper berry which reduces itchiness, skin irritation and redness. 

If you wish to get a natural glow and shine on your skin, the Clinique toner is the best. However, if you want excellent exfoliating benefits, The Ordinary is suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which toner is more expensive in The Ordinary vs Clinique? 

The Clinique toner is more expensive than The Ordinary toner. 

Which products are the best in The Ordinary vs Clinique? 

The products provided by both The ordinary and Clinique are high quality and effective. Products like moisturizers, serums and toners from both brands are highly prominent and in demand. 

Time to wrap up

The Ordinary vs Clinique are the leading and most successful makeup and cosmetics brands in today’s world. Each product they provide is carefully made with the finest ingredients keeping in mind the different skin types and requirements. It is highly recommended to use products from these brands according to the requirements of your skin.


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