Niophlex vs Olaplex: Which Hair Treatment is Best for You?

Are you worried about all the damage that happens to your hair due to all the chemical processes? If yes then you have come to the right page. In this article, all the best solutions for hair care are explored. This article mainly focuses on Niophlex vs Olaplex, both provide quite popular hair treatments.

Let’s understand all the crucial factors related to Niophlex and Olaplex. Also, we will take a look at how similar and different they are.

First, understand why you need Niophlex and Olaplex for your hair care. Whenever our hair goes through any chemical process (bleaching, dyeing, coloring), hair loses its nourishment and gets damaged. All other hair styling treatment like curling and straightening also affects the hair’s health.

As some chemicals are harmful to you and after all the chemical process your hair will become weak. To solve this problem, you choose Niophlex or Olaplex to protect your hair from all the damages.

Both Niophlex and Olaplex are highly recommended in beauty salons. They are very popular in the hairdresser community due to their amazing effectiveness. Though both provide hair treatment but their process of doing that is different.

Niophlex vs Olaplex


Let’s take an overview of both Niophlex and Olaplex. Niophlex is a system developed by IdHAIR. Niophlex is getting really popular as it helps in building the structure of the hair by creating new bonds which give extra protection to the hair.

Olaplex has become a hair colorist’s first choice. It increases hair bonds and works on a molecular level to correct hair from its roots.

Olaplex has become really popular due to its effectiveness. Even when it is expensive a lot of people are using it to protect their hair. There are many options available but the quality of hair treatment by Olaplex sets them apart from others. Olaplex protects hair over a longer period of time than other products.

The main difference between Niophlex and Olaplex is that Niophlex can be considered that makes your hair stronger before the damage is being done, and the Niophlex system totally blends with the chemical process and provides nourishment along the way.

On the other hand, Olaplex repairs broken hair. When you are constantly using chemicals on your hair for different purposes your hair loses its nourishment and that is restored by Olaplex.

Let’s take a detailed look at both Niophlex and Olaplex.

Niophlex is a three-step process of making hair stronger and healthier. The first step is using bonder no. 1, which is added to the chemical mixture to protect hair from damage. The second is the Niophlex enhancer which works on hydration and nourishment of the hair. The third is the Niophlex rescue conditional which makes your hair stronger and adds shine to your hair.

Olaplex has different types of hair protectors and they are given and all have separate usage and benefits. To get all the benefits you need to use all Olaplex products according to the instructions.

Olaplex No. 0 is used as a two-part system with No. 3. Olaplex No 3 is most popular in all the Olaplex products and it should be used up to three times a week for damaged hair. It repairs and nourishes the hair.

Olaplex No. 6 can be used after each wash. Olaplex No. 7 can be used before styling with heat.

There are some products of Niophlex that can only be used by professionals only, bonder no. 1 and Niophlex enhancer is only for professional use. Niophlex rescues conditional works as a maintainer and can be used at home to protect and give strength to your hair.

A chemical process is a harmful process and it damages your hair. By using Niophlex and Olaplex you can protect your hair as both make hair bonds and that make your hair stronger.

Both Niophlex and Olaplex work on all kinds of hair.

B3 Hair Treatment vs Olaplex

b3 hair treatment

b3 Brazilian bond builder works will all the color formulation. You can try all different types of hair colors and b3 will help you reduce damage to your hair.

Olaplex gives overall protection to the hair and gives elasticity and strength to the hair by re-moisturizing the hair.


Is there anything better than Olaplex?

There are many hair care solutions available like Olaplex but the quality and effectiveness of Olaplex are higher. It will be hard to find something better than Olaplex. Olaplex provides a full system of hair treatment that treats your damaged hair and nourishes them.

Is Olaplex better than kerastase?

Both Olaplex and Kerastase provide a different kinds of hair treatment. Olaplex is needed professional guidance before using it. On the other hand, Kerastase can be used at home.

The goal of both Olaplex and Kerastase is to provide healthy hair but both have different ways of doing it.

Which Olaplex product is best?

Olaplex No. 3 might be considered the best product by many people. But the truth is that you need whole treatment by Olaplex for best effectiveness.


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