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Born Pretty Nail polish set

Born Pretty Nail polish set

Set of 4
Smooth and user friendly
ILNP Juliette Holographic nail polish

ILNP Juliette Holographic nail polish

100% vegan
Sparkly and glittery
Cirque colors holographic nail polish

Cirque colors holographic nail polish

10 free formulae
Saturated holographic ediments
Best sparkly black nail polish
Ownest Miss Cheering Healthy Nail Color

Ownest Miss Cheering Healthy Nail Color

Easy to use
Easy to remove
Freeorr holographic-chameleon nail polish set

Freeorr holographic-chameleon nail polish set

6 shades
Best gifting item
Beatles Holographic Gel Nail Powder

Beatles Holographic Gel Nail Powder

1 jar of holo powder
Born Pretty 4 Box Nail Art Powder

Born Pretty 4 Box Nail Art Powder

High quality
Laser holographic nail powder.
GA & EN Holographic Nail Powder

GA & EN Holographic Nail Powder

High payoff holo powder
35-micron ingredient
Best DIY
 Pretty Diva Holographic Chrome Nail Powder

Pretty Diva Holographic Chrome Nail Powder

Smoothest texture
Best holographic powder
Salon like finish
iMethod Chrome nail Powder 

iMethod Chrome nail Powder 

Real silver
35 microns

A lot of people often get confused between glitters and holographic nails art, however, these 2 are clearly different things. Though glitters are pretty and are preppy for a great fun night or a party. Holographic nails are very different, they add extra oomph with any color scheme and make you look impressive with the bare minimum.

What is holographic nail art?

Most women are happy with their normal, regular nail colors and love to play safe when it comes to coloring nails. But this generation is not about playing safe, it is about exploring and expanding your horizons when it comes to colors. Therefore, put away your boring regular nail polishes and have a look at what holographic nail polishes have to offer.

There are many types of holographic nail pigmenting like:

  1. Linear pigments
  2. Glitter Holo
  3. Scattered Pigmenting
  4. Holographic Nail powder


Difference between holographic nail polishes and Regular Nail polishes:

There isn’t much difference between holographic nail polishes and regular nail polishes. Holographic nail polishes are a type of nail polishes like the other nail polishes that everybody is accustomed to using. This, however, is a new trend for nails. One biggest difference between holographic nails and regular nail polishes is that Holographicnail polishes use Pigmentation. They use a special pigmentation ingredient that gives the nail a different, unique, dazzling, and glittery effect which looks like a hologram. If you think holographic nails don’t suit your style you can also try Iridescent nails which add a whole new different style to your nails.

How does holographic nail work?

If you are a beginner who has never tried holographic nail polish before but has seen a lot of holographic nail designs on Instagram and other social media sites, then you are at the right place. For people who will be trying this for the first time, it might be a bit difficult. But after your third and fourth try, you will definitely get the hang of it.

While applying holo pigments to your nails, you must do it correctly and very accurately. If done wrong they completely change in looks and it becomes dull and unimpressive. However, when you apply the nail polish and follow all the below mentioned steps properly, then there is nothing in your holographic nail art that can go. 

For the best holographic nail art, follow these simple procedures:

  1. Base nail polish coat:

Apply a basic coat of the nail polish of your choice. Tip: it is always to choose a, lighter color as the base coat as it will hide any gaps and will not exaggerate on any tiny pores.

  1. Gel it up:

Once the base coat is set and dried apply a second layer of gel polish. The reason why you should use gel polish is so that it will help in sticking your holo design to the base coat and your nail better.

The better your holographic nail design sticks to your nail the longer it lasts.

  1. Use a holographic nail powder/polish:

Gently dab your nails with holographic nail powder and ever so gently stroke it upwards from the base of your nail towards the top.

Once the powder is dried remove away excess powder by either blowing it away or once fully dried gently use a makeup blush to simply brush it off. You can use your regular makeup brush, eye-shadow brush anything.

  1. Topcoat layer:

To complete the look of your hologram nail design and to stick it to your nails seal the deal by applying a last and final layer of topcoat.

  1. Stick it up:

For at least one whole minute keep your nails under UV lights and let them stick properly.

Now that you know how to apply holographic nail designs on your nails, you can start practicing. Many professionals also have a hard time maintaining their hand at creating holographic nails and there is a fair number of chances that you might find yourself looking ridiculous which is completely normal.

Let’s look at how you can enhance your best holographic nail design:

  1. Sunlight:

Sunlight is the one true source of light that is very important for the holographic shades to actually pop out and gain their true colors. Sunlight allows the holo pigments to spread evenly and bring out the shiny, rainbow texture that it needs.

Also, allowing your nails to soak in a lot of sunlight will help your holo nail polishes to last longer and better.

  1. Alternative to sunlight?

It may sound strange, but any supermarket light is also more or less sufficient for your holo nails. It is good for the nails but works only as an alternative. Also, if you want to click pictures of your great holographic nail art, then you can click a few pictures in the bright lights of a supermarket. They will brighten your nails and will multiply the glow it radiates.

Are Ombre holo nails different than gradient nails?

For a lot of people, both gradient and ombre are nothing but different words to the same meaning. However, they are very different. Both these nail types have a lot of difference in between them and even though they look like the shading of nails, it has a lot of technical knowledge that goes into in like:

  1. Ombre Nails:

The reason why ombre is so special is that it uses a lot of color scheming. It uses the same color but in different amounts and that is what creates a shading effect that increasing the nail’s glow.

A major separating factor between ombre nail color and gradient nail color is that ombre is the mixing and shading of the same color. For the ombre effect, you need to use the same nail color in various amounts.

  1. Gradient nail color:

Gradient nail colors look beautiful on any hand structure, color, type, and any nail type. Gradient nail texture can be made horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or through spots in the center.

While you use the same color from the lightest to its darkest shade for an Ombre effect, in gradient effect you select multiple colors on the same nail. It is a lot of hard work as compared to Ombre nails but the outcomes pay off the hard work.

Various ways to use Holographic Nail polish:

Holographic nail art is the most trending type of nail coloring this season. It is an amazing technique to click the best pictures for the gram. Let us look at some of the best ways to use holographic nail polishes for the best effect:

  1. For full coverage:

For full coverage, apply holographic nail polish as the last coat on your nails. Top your regular nail polish with a top coat of the best holographic nail polish and get the most dazzling nails ever.

  1. Holographic nail powder:

To turn the holographic oomph a bit more, you can also use the holographic nail powder and increase the dazzle quotient. It will create a rainbow-like effect on your nails, which will suit any party location.

A simple Little black dress and holographic nails are enough to steal the limelight at any party!

Difference between Holographic Nail polish and Holographic Nail powder:

While both serve the same purpose but the method of use is different. A very professional person will be able to identify the difference between holographic nail polish and holographic nail powder with ease. However, now you can do it too by understanding that there is a very slight final quality difference that is visible after using a polish or powder. Holographic nail polish will give you a great holographic finish. It helps to attain a rainbow effect.

However, holographic nail powder will cover a lot more nail area than polish and will give you a mermaid effect kind of touch to your holographic nails. If you want to apply powder, make sure you apply light-colored nail polish as the results are best when the nail color is light and it avoids showing any faults. Using holographic nail powder make your nails look trendy yet elegant.

10 Trendy best holographic nail polish designs:

Even though Holographic nails are pretty new and a lot of people are still experimenting with these colors and pigmentations, they still have a lot of popularity. And quite a few amongst them have managed to garner the best reviews from people and are most liked by the rest of them. Here are the best holographic nail polish designs:

  1. Rainbow:

The more holographic nails are getting popular, the more people opt for a rainbow theme. It is garnering the most public responses.

Since the natural gradient of every color is spread across the nail throughout, it is the best holo nail polish.

  1. Holo nail art:

Coloring all the nails with holo nail polish and applying any kind of nail art like stickers, designs, drawing, etc. on one finger with a small prop is another most trendy fashion of today.

  1. Holographic Chrome Nails:

If you love the iconic and the original holographic effect, then you should definitely try holographic chrome nails. It may seem regular and okay-ish but the moment it is exposed to even the slightest sunlight, it shows its original shades.

It is the most effortless, DIY, and easy to maintain, and gorgeous looking nail art anyone can get done.

  1. Purple Holographic Nail Art:

When you get up in the morning and feel grumpy, the first thing you do while freshening up undoubtingly to notice your nails. And when it is a tacky purple shining all the way to every nail, your morning will be dazzled already.

This particular color has a lot of various perceptions about it. It is a safe nail color option and yet equally risky. The purple color has enough to retain its classic metal touch and the holographic nail effect will improve the texture and the colors of your purple nail color.

Purple holographic nail art is designed to rule on all 4 seasons.

  1. Sparkly black nails:

Is there any better color than black-suited for the nails? Until for the next 10 years in fashion, the answer will most certainly remain no. Sparkly black nails are one such color scheme that never gets out of trend or popularity. There is no drama better created than black. And as people say, no drama is actually drama without the best sparkly black nails.

Sparkly black nails themselves have a lot of color variants. They have a lot of choices and you can either gradient fill them, mix it up with a few contrast colors, or just apply any sparkly black nail polish for the best holographic nail polish effect.

  1. Pink:

Pink has a lot of color variants. The various colors between the darkest and the lightest pink itself are very fast. If you are even slightly considered as to which nail color you should choose, then pink is your answer. It is a very safe color and everyone likes pink nails.

Nothing can ever go wrong with cute baby pink holographic nails.

  1. White Holographic Nails:

White is the name of classy and clean. Be it any occasion, official, party, casual, or even a Sunday brunch, white nails always help you rock your look. White holographic nails look very clean, trendy, and sophisticated. White holographic nails bring out the best holographic nail polish results as it allows the sparking effect of holo nail polish to flourish to its maximum. White is also the best base color for holographic nails

  1. Metallics:

The best holographic nail is the metallic shade. It is the true color of holograms. Metallic texture holo nail polishes allow you to play a lot with the kind of nail color texture you want to experiment with.

  1. Blue holographic nails:

Girls tend to have a day when they feel very uncomfortable being themselves and the one thing on these days that will help you uplift yourself and will motivate you to go through the day is blue holographic nails.

Blue holographic nails have a different charm to them. It brings uniqueness and calms with it. It looks cute with anything. Blue is a color very easy to use color to get a professional touch manicure. With a little time and creativity and you can transform your daily blue nail polish with a holographic nail powder and create either a mirror effect or snow effect.

  1. Shimmer:

You don’t need to be well maintained, clean, and sophisticated nails all the time. Just throw in as much shimmer as you want.  Either add individual rhinestones, or create funky nail art with glitter, and never forget that diamonds are the best friends of a girl. So, for once, forget what others will think about your nails and just explore the inner girl you are with as much shimmer as you want.

Best Holographic Nail Polish – Buying Guide

While you purchase a holographic nail polish you must consider these few points so that you can buy the best product and create some of the finest holographic nail designs.

Factors to look for while buying the best holographic nail polish

  1. Ingredients:

To get a holographic effect, make sure that your best holographic nail polish or holographic nail powder is 100% silver and has 35 microns. This and only this will give you the best holographic nail, mermaid, and chrome effect.

  1. Pigmentation:

If you want to play a little bit and choose to opt for color holographic nails, choose a nail polish that has intense color pay off for the best results.

  1. Compatibility:

So not forget to check whether they are compatible with acrylic nails or even nail art so that you can explore with them and create some of the best holographic acrylic nails.

  1. DIY use check:

Make sure to correctly check if the holographic nail powder/polish is user friendly and easy to use.

Best Holographic Nail Polish Reviews

  1. Born Pretty Nail polish set

Born Pretty Nail polish set

If you really love the shimmer and all things sparkly and glittery, then you must not think much and grab this best holographic nail polish. It has a set of 4 different holographic nail colors.

  • It is not at all grainy
  • It is very easy to use and allows you to explore a lot of DIY stuff. The application of the brushes is very smooth and hassle-free.
  • It is also a master of nail art and if you are worried about the UV lights for home use, then no need to worry because this holo nail polish does not require any kind of extra care.
  • It has 3 holographic nail polish colors and 1 sparkly black nail polish bottle
  • The set includes; Red, Rose, Purple, and Black.
  • Use a darker base to get better and enhances results.
  • Apply one base layer, then a layer of black or some other dark-colored nail polish, then apply 2/3 layers of holographic nail polish and lastly apply a topcoat for better effects. Just these simple steps will give you the best holographic nails

horizontal ridges on toenails

  1. ILNP Juliette Holographic nail polish

ILNP Juliette Holographic nail polish

This holographic nail polish will give you the classiest, most gorgeous, and sparkiest nails to rock absolutely any occasion. It has sparkly metallic effects that will definitely take your manicure game to another level.

  • Compared to the other products, it is very long-lasting and will not start to peel off from the skin
  • It is a 100% vegan product
  • The quality of nail color for the as little price as this one, this product is one of the best holographic nail polishes. It offers the best dazzling sparkling Rose gold effect. It is a must-have nail color for every girl’s collection.
  • It is cruelty safe, easy to use, and is 100% non-toxic.
  • It is so easy to use, beautiful and user-friendly that even with the bare minimum effect you can have the best nails done by yourself and that too at the comfort of your home itself.
  • It provides ultra-metallic holographic nail colors in addition to its rich Rose Gold color. It is so rich in color that it will outshine a real gold as well in terms of texture and color.

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  1. Cirque colors holographic nail polish

Cirque colors holographic nail polish

The products of Cirque especially in the categories of holographic nail polishes are made from highly saturated holographic pigments which will undoubtedly give you the best holographic nails.

  • One of the best things about this brand is that it uses a 10-free formula which means that it does not contain substances like camphor, ethyl, parabens, DBP, tosylamide, xylene, or even fragrance. The ingredients are so well thought of discussed minutely for the product shows how much the brand cares for its people.
  • It is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and is non-toxic for human use.
  • It has a plethora of shades to choose from. You can choose from a range of 26 sparkly nail polishes for yourself.
  • Its alter ego sparkly black nail polish is the best holographic nail polish of all times
  • It provides a great metallic finish

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  1. Ownest Miss Cheering Healthy Nail Color

Ownest Miss Cheering Healthy Nail Color

This is one of the easiest, fastest nail colors to apply. It is a great DIY hologram nail polish. It has amazing holographic pigments that are very glossy and glittery which makes the nail color last longer and stray put

  • The best quality of this best holographic nail polish is that does not require a lot of coats. A single cost and that too very little paint on the brush is enough to create great holographic strokes.
  • It is 100% vegan and environment friendly with a lot of healthy ingredients and a non-toxic formula. It has 6 sparkly shades to choose from and has a shimmery texture.
  • It has the most glowing resemblance to a halo and takes no time to dry up and create a halo effect.
  • It is made of high-quality material which is why the texture of the holographic gel nail polish is much lighter and more breathable
  • It is easily removable and is hassle-free

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  1. Freeorr holographic-chameleon nail polish set

Freeorr holographic-chameleon nail polish set

It creates one of the best holographic chrome nails. It comes in a set of 6 holographic gel nail polish and is very easy to use and apply.

  • It has a chameleon effect because you will see the same shades and the same holographic effect from any angle that you look at it from
  • It has 6 wild, vivid, and most exciting colors
  • It creates great holographic chrome nails.
  • It has a quick-drying technique which makes it easy to work with and user friendly
  • It is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic
  • You can also gift this product. it has a wide range of color choices that will be liked by all kinds of women and the lustrous look and appeal it has will impress the person you are gifting it too undoubtedly

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  1. Beatles Holographic Gel Nail Powder

Beatles Holographic Gel Nail Powder

The best holographic nail powder is the one that is non-grainy, easy to use, and has great texture. Beatles Holographic Gel Nail Powder is one such holo powder that is non-grainy, ultra-fine and has a smooth application.

  • For white holographic nails or the best holographic chrome nails, this is the best holographic nail powder to use. It creates the best holographic chrome nails.
  • It has 1 jar of holographic nail powder. All you need is to apply a good thick base color coat and apply the holographic nail powder with a brush provided inside the box for the best holographic nails. Use a plain white or black base coat for chrome nails. For the rainbow, mermaid, and any other fancy holographic nail design just apply a dark base coat.
  • The holographic nail powder contains real silver and not aluminum, unlike other brands.
  • You can apply them on a wide range of nail polishes like UV holographic gel nails or holographic acrylic nails and you will still receive the best results.
  • It is one of the best holographic powder for nails and has the best customer reviews

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  1. Born Pretty 4 Box Nail Art Powder

Born Pretty 4 Box Nail Art Powder

This is a laser holographic nail powder. It comes in a set of 4 different holo powders. You can create ample holographic nail designs and holographic acrylic nails with this powder. Even with a very little amount of this powder you can work wonders

  • It is a high-quality rainbow holo powder
  • Compared to other chameleon and glossy holographic nail polishes, this product is the most defined and 4k quality holographic nail powder. It is non-grainy and has a very smooth texture.
  • You can easily create very different kinds of holographic nail designs like a pearl, born pretty, glossy, and has a great impact on various colors. For your holographic acrylic nails using this holo powder, you must not necessarily need holographic nail polish, you can even add this to regular nail polishes.
  • It is ideal for beginners and people who love to experiment with their nails
  • All you need to do is apply the powder using a brush and blow off the extra bit remaining on your nails, and you are ready!
  • It sticks without any mess and it lasts long. It will not start fading away quickly. It is a very long-lasting holographic nail powder.

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  1. GA & EN Holographic Nail Powder

GA & EN Holographic Nail Powder

35-micron high-quality ingredients holo powder makes this holographic powder the best holographic powder

  • It has no glitter and all microns which means maximum payoff.
  • It is a blessing for beginners. It is very easy to use and you can DIY very smoothly
  • It also has a small sponge so that you can apply and remove the extra holo powder easily without creating a lot of mess
  • To get the best effects from this holographic nail powder, apply it to a darker shade of nail polish.
  • For sparkly black nails or white holographic nails just use the bottom coat of the same color and dust the powder on it for great results.

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  1. Pretty Diva Holographic Chrome Nail Powder

Pretty Diva Holographic Chrome Nail Powder

Giving yourself a holographic chrome nail design could not get easier than this with help of the best holographic nail powder by Pretty Diva. It is one of the best products to make gorgeous holographic acrylic nails.

  • It is made of the smoothest, finest, and the highest quality ingredients used in the best holographic nail powder.
  • It has salon-like nail polish pigments at your fingertips
  • It is a very long-lasting product. It is also very powerful in terms of quantity. It has enough power to take care of a minimum of 30 rounds of your manicures.
  • To get sparkly white holographic nails, all you need to do is apply a normal coat of white nail polish and dust very little hollo powder over it. You will get white holographic nails in the easiest and the sleekest way possible. It is very shiny and glittery which suites any occasion be it a party, a disco, or a casual Sunday brunch.
  • You can even get a chameleon unicorn effect when you apply sparkly black nail polish as a base coat and dust the Pretty Diva Nail Powder over it.
  • You can create one of the finest holographic acrylic nails using this product

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  1. iMethod Chrome nail Powder

iMethod Chrome nail Powder

If you wish to save all the trips you make to the salon, then think no more and buy iMethod holographic chrome Nail Powder. It offers 25 manicure types in just one box, isn’t it jaw-dropping!?

  • It contains real silver and is made up of 35-micron salon level pigments
  • Even if you will be trying a manicure for the first time, you will still nail the use of this product.
  • It is very easy to apply, long-lasting, and cost-efficient
  • It is the perfect gift for your sister, girlfriend, or even a friend who loves to paint their nails.
  • Your nails will go from being boring to brilliant and sparkly within minutes of easy use of this holographic nail powder.

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  1. What are holographic nails?

Holographic nails are a new type of fancy nail art that gives your nails a holographic nail design that looks very fascinating and funny.

Its specialties are that it has glittery and sparkly pigments which make the nails reflect every color your nail polish is.

If you are a beginner and are trying holographic nails for the first time then you should go with the primary colors. They are the best base color for the holographic nail. Holographic nails glitter and sparkle which make you look sassy, bold, and confident so that you can easily rock any occasion


  1. What is the difference between Chrome and Holographic nails?

The major difference between Chrome and Holographic nails is that chrome is a type of holographic nails. Whereas, holographic nails is what a new nail designing type is called.

Holographic nails have been named so because they resemble holograms and holographic chrome nails look rustic, classic, and metallic.


  1. How do you paint holographic nails?

Applying holographic nail polish might be a bit difficult if you are trying it for the first time, however it is not very difficult.

Directions to apply holographic nails:

  1. Apply a basic nail polish coat of any color of your choice
  2. Apply a layer or two of any best holographic nail polishes of your choice. You can double coat if you want to jazz it up
  3. Apply a holographic top by layering it on the holographic nail polish so that it sticks to your nail and so that the holographic top can get produce its bright shades of colors.
  1. What is the best holographic nail powder?

The best holographic nail powder is GA & EN Holographic Nail Powder. It has 35 microns and gives the maximum, pay off out of any other holographic nail powder. It has the best holographic top effect on your nail you could ever ask for. And it is very easy to use.

  1. How do you do holographic ombre nails?

To create a holographic ombre effect, maintain the same holographic topcoat, but keep on changing the base coats.

The Ombre effect is when you choose from the lightest to the darkest shades of the same color. Apply carious shades on all fingers and use a holographic top coat to intensify their difference.

  1. What is holographic nail powder made of?

Holographical powders are designed so that you can get manicure level work done on your nails, at the comfort of your home.

It uses ingredients like polyester, silver, parabens, etc.

  1. How do you apply holographic nail powder without gel?

If you feel uncomfortable applying a gel then what you can do is, apply a transparent nail polish coat first, then add a second layer of any color of your choice, apply a transparent coat again and dust some holographic nail powder on them and finish it by applying a holographic topcoat for the best result

  1. How do you apply holographic powder to acrylic nails?

For acrylic nails use a monomer. It is essential for acrylic manicures. It is a very important process to add while designs holographic acrylic nails so that the holographic nail designs can stick properly and your holographic acrylic nails are intact and they look more polished.


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